Georgetown resident Syble Pittard will open the Forever Blooming floral shop later this month.

Syble Pittard will realize a 20-year dream when she opens her own flower shop in Georgetown later this month.

"I'm calling it Forever Blooming Florist, because I've been waiting forever to have my own place." she said. "Now it's finally going to happen and I just feel so blessed by God."

Her wait will finally come to an end when the 8,000-square-foot Forever Blooming Florist shop opens its doors at 608 E. Market St. in a few weeks.

"I'm shooting for Sept. 15, but there is still so much left to and I want everything to be perfect," Pittard said. "We're planning to have a ribbon cutting and a grand opening celebration when it's all finally ready."

Pittard, who previously owned a local mobile exercise business called Happy Tumble Bus, said she first fell in love with flower arranging while preparing for her daughter's wedding in 1992.

"At the time, I volunteered to make the flower arrangements for her, so she would have less to buy," Pittard said. "I found out that I absolutely loved doing it."

From there, she started volunteering to prepare flower arrangements for other weddings and events.

"I would basically do it for free and only charged for the cost of materials, because I enjoyed it so much," she said.

Joe Pittard, Syble's husband of 11 years, said his wife's hobby eventually began to take over their Georgetown home.

"I got addicted to eating at restaurants, because I couldn't eat in my kitchen anymore," he said. "It was always full of flowers."

So starting last year, Joe, a Realtor and the owner of his own asphalt and seal-coating business, began looking for a suitable location where his wife could finally have a shop of her own.

In the meantime, Syble earned her certification in flower design.

The couple's dream finally came together earlier this year when they found a suitable location in a storefront previously occupied by JBR Paintball.

"It's my hope to offer the very best quality fresh flowers and silks at the most reasonable prices around," Syble said, adding that Forever Blooming will charge no fee for deliveries in Georgetown, and no more than $10 for deliveries outside of town.

The shop also will offer fresh flowers delivered daily by Seick Wholesale Florist Group in Maryland and New Jersey-based Delaware Valley Wholesale Florist.

Syble has hired one floral designer to assist her and hopes to add staff as the company grows.

But, for now, she's focused on getting the new businesses ready for its grand opening.

"We haven't even gotten our first shipment of flowers, but I've already started to get calls about weddings and homecoming, so we should be good and busy when we open," she said.