Several concerns about streets were brought up at the Oct. 8 Clayton Town Council meeting. The owner of the Clayton Tavern asked for three parking spots to be marked "15-minute" parking on Main Street. The second issue was in reference to cars parked on Smyrna Avenue too close to Dickerson Street. Police Chief Brian Hill asked for additional emergency snow removal signs in town. Finally, residents in the Village of Wheatley's Pond townhomes asked council for help in reducing the speed limit in their neighborhood.

'15-minute' parking spots

The Clayton Streets Committee addressed the four concerns in an Oct. 17 meeting at town hall.

First up was the request for "15-minute" parking spots next to the Clayton Package Store on Main Street.

Councilman Robert Lightcap said the owner wrote a letter asking for three "15-minute parking" spots – two in front of his store and the first parking spot on the north side of Main Street.

The committee asked Town Foreman Jeff Hurlock if the town has any "15-minute parking" signs to which he said that if the town doesn't, he could have them made.

Chief Hill asked the logic behind the request. Lightcap said the owner requested them because of town events, it'd be easier to have those parking spots for his customers.

"It's easier for his customers to park in front of the store and carry their stuff out rather than to have to carry it down the street, or up street, or even to the parking lot," Lightcap said.

Even though it was noted there are only a few town events, the committee agreed to work with the storeowner. The committee approved a recommendation to be sent to council agreeing to bookmark the three parking spots as by painting "15-minute parking" on the concrete and they'll revisit if it remains an issue.

Smyrna Avenue parking

Hurlock and Lightcap took a look at the parking concerns on Smyrna Avenue at Dickerson Street.

"They're [drivers] coming around the curb and they're hanging to the right but there are cars parked there," Lightcap said.

Because of that, Hurlock said it could become an issue.

The committee approved a recommendation to send to council that there be no parking on the townhouse side 20 feet from Dickerson Street, and for there to be no parking on the north side to the second driveway.

Snow signs

Hill asked for more emergency snow signs to be placed throughout town because he feels there isn't sufficient signage to enforce it.

The signs were placed last year on certain streets in town and state there will be no parking on certain sides of the street when it snows to allow for plowing.

Hurlock said the committee originally agreed to see how things go in terms of enforcement and that "Plan B" would be ordering signs; however, there was no snow last year. Eventually, Lightcap suggested tabling the discussion until it does snow to see how things go then.

Speeding at Wheatley's Pond townhomes

Hill said the town has two possible options in terms of addressing the speeding concerns in the Village of Wheatley's Pond. Residents in the development are concerned about speeding when there are children playing in the neighborhood.

Hill said the first option is putting up a sign that says "Children at Play" with a speed limit of 15 mph. The second option is putting stop signs at the cul de sac entrances.

There was some discussion about doing radar in the area but Hill said it'd be difficult to do and not be seen.

"What about putting a sign up at the entrance saying 'Caution Children at Play'?" Lightcap asked.

The committee approved a recommendation to send to council that they install the caution sign at the entrance of the development but for the committee to continue looking into the problem.

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