Little Einstein’s Pre-School in Georgetown will soon begin enrolling up to 30 children at a second location near Millsboro that is slated to open next month.

Little Einstein’s Pre-School in Georgetown will soon begin enrolling up to 30 children at a second location near Millsboro that is slated to open next month.

Owner Lindsay Cannon said a high demand for affordable pre-school and daycare services in central Sussex County is what convinced her to expand Little Einstein’s, which opened its first location on Sand Hill Road, just north of Georgetown, in 2009.

“We’ve been thinking about expanding almost since the day we first opened our own place,” the 30-year-old Sussex Central High School grad said this week. “It took some time to find a suitable location and get the financing in place, but now we’re just waiting on our final licensing approval from the state and we should be open in a couple of weeks.”

The pre-school’s second location in a 2,400-square-foot leased space in the Northside Professional Center off northbound Dupont Boulevard, just outside of Millsboro town limits, will be able to handle up to 30 children between the ages of 2 and 5.

Cannon said she plans to bring two of the eight staff members at the Georgetown location to the new pre-school, where they will join three new hires.

“What we offer is a very structured learning program that goes above and beyond your typical daycare,” she said. “If you want your children to sit around and watch TV, then Little Einstein’s is not the place for you. We have very qualified instructors and a program that is geared to ensure every child is prepared for kindergarten, and we also offer lots of fun activities like field trips, community involvement and graduation ceremonies.”

Enrollment at the Millsboro location will be $125 per week. Little Einstein’s also accepts partial payment from the Delaware Division of Social Services’ income-eligible Purchase of Care childcare assistance program.

“The rate in Georgetown is now $115 a week but it will be going up to the same price as Millsboro starting in September,” Cannon said. “I’m very conscious of keeping the cost as low as possible and it’s the first time our rates will have increased in five years.”

Cannon said the struggle that families face in purchasing quality childcare is what got her started in the pre-school business two years after earning her teaching degree from Wilmington University.

“At the time, my husband and I had two kids, so I was teaching at an alternative school during the day and working as a waitress at night just so we could afford daycare,” she said. “I realized then that I could use my degree to open my own pre-school and help other parents provide a good education for their children at an affordable price.”

Little Einstein’s first opened at Grace United Methodist Church on South King Street with 12 students before moving to its current location, which currently enrolls 28.

“What I love most about my job is knowing our kids leave completely prepared for the schooling they are about to embark on,” she said. “Nothing feels better than when a parent calls because their child’s teacher wants to know where they went to pre-school because they are doing so well.”

Cannon said the new pre-school location would not have been possible without the assistance of her husband Jeremiah, and her new business partners, her brother Jason Moore and his wife Heather.

“Expanding to a new location hasn’t been the easiest process, but I have a great family who have helped me so much,” she said.