Celebrate American Heart Month by showing your heart some love! Eric Fetterman, a physical therapist, weighs in on heart-healthy exercises.

Between celebrating American Heart Month and Valentine’s Day, February is the perfect time to give your heart some love and learn how to keep it in great shape all year long!

Eric Fetterman, a physical therapist at ATI Physical Therapy, joins us today to offer these tips on heart healthy exercises.

“The best thing you can do for your heart is go for a walk,” says Eric. “It helps out with the cardio-pulmonary system and helps keep everything moving.”

Get moving

If you aren’t able to walk because of an injury, Eric suggests any of these activities to get your heart rate up:

Bike: If your lower extremities can’t handle walking, consider hopping on a bike. Biking (even stationary bikes) helps take pressure off your knees and joints and allows you to get in great exercise.

Pump your legs: Stuck at a desk all day? Eric suggests pumping your ankles under your desk or kicking your knees out straight a few times a day, which promotes better blood flow.

Park far away: No spots close to the door? No problem! Park far away and your heart will appreciate those extra steps you’re taking.

Take the stairs: When given the option, should you take a) the elevator, b) the escalator, or c) the stairs? The answer is…the stairs! (Within reason, of course – no need to take 30 flights of stairs to your office on the top floor!) This is one of the simplest ways to get your heart rate up during the day and usually saves you time from waiting for the elevator.

To learn how much, how often, and how long you should do these heart-healthy exercises, visit "Pump up your heart with exercises."