Students at Sussex Technical High School will don a rainbow of styles in the school's first-ever fashion show on April 12.

Students at Sussex Technical High School will don a rainbow of styles in the school's first-ever fashion show on April 12.

Thirty-plus models will appear in the show, featuring students, faculty and a half-dozen of the Miss Delaware 2013 delegates. More than half of the models will be students. The attire flaunted in the show will mostly be categorized under the styles of formal (includes dresses and suits) and rainbow (includes bright outfits and models with colorful hairdos to match). Each model will sport at least two outfits.

The inaugural fashion show is designed to help trim the expenses of the Raven Nation Marching Band's trip abroad for their performance in London's 2014 New Year's Day Parade and Festival.

"We are a society that thrives on fashion," said show organizer Lyn Bullock, of Milton, a former model who's the wife of Harvey Bullock, the band director for the Raven Nation. "Here's an opportunity for our kids to come and show themselves and to be the best dressed."

'With fashion there's no limitations'

Sophomore Michaeljon Green, who dreams of modeling for Gucci, is looking forward to hitting the runway for a good cause.

"With fashion there's no limitations," said Green, 16, of Lincoln, who has modeled in two fashion shows. "You can wear some of the most eccentric things and some of the most calm things."

One of the outfits Green will rock in the show is a black Ralph Lauren blazer with a white collared-shirt, black tie and black slacks. He favors the outfit because "it shows off my sophisticated side," Green said.

Senior Janoria Bullock, the daughter of Harvey and Lyn, is no stranger to appearing in fashion shows. Thus far, she's appeared in about 10, most of which were hosted by her mom.

Though she doesn't aspire to be a model, Janoria is excited about the opportunity to strut her stuff once again, as well as support her parents. She'll don a rainbow outfit in the show comprised of yellow capris and a teal and pink tanktop, all from Body Central.

"Fashion shows allow me to be myself," said the 17-year-old Janoria. "I'm not restricted to sitting down and being quiet and listening. I can have fun."

Unlike Janoria and Green, sophomore Alyssa Holston is a newbie to the world of runways. But she's considering a future in it.

"It just seemed like it would be a really good opportunity and its supporting the band's trip to London, and I think it will be a lot of fun," explained Holston, 15, of Laurel.

Holston will don a white evening gown with pink and silver stones by Christylyn Designs in the show. She'll also rock a yellow ruffle dress that converts into a blouse from Von Lancelot.

Items for sale at show

Vendors will be selling dresses, shirts, make-up and skin care products at the inaugural fashion show, Bullock said.

A portion of the clothing in the show has been donated by local shops, organizations and students. Confirmed shops and organizations that have made donations include: Shell Affair, Fairy Godmothers of Delaware and The Miss East Coast Scholarship Organization.

Bullock is still seeking vendors to participate, sell and promote their items at the show. Vendors interested in participating in the show should refer to the "If You Go" box.

'I'm excited for the kids'

It warms Harvey's heart that Sussex Tech's students are going all out to support the Raven Nation's trip to London.

"I'm excited for the kids to be able to go over there and see the Crown Jewels and see Big Ben in person," Harvey said. "A lot of times they see it on the History Channel or they see it in their books. But to be able to go over there and see Buckingham Palace live… [it'll] be a great joy."

The Raven Nation boasts approximately 150 members in its band and it'll cost approximately $3,000 per member (or $450,000 for the entire band) to travel abroad to London, Harvey said.

The Raven Nation has a savings fun, but it's a relatively small amount compared to what they need for travel to London, Harvey added.

Lyn said she expects the fashion show to generate at least $1,000. Moving forward, Harvey said he plans to host more fundraisers in the coming months in hopes of sending the majority of his band overseas without their parents having to foot most of the bill.

WHAT Sussex Technical High School's inaugural fashion show fundraiser
WHEN 7 p.m. Friday, April 12
WHERE Sussex Technical High School, 17099 W. Market St., Georgetown
COST $10 adults; $5 for ages 10 and under; proceeds will benefit the Raven Nation Marching Band's performance in London's 2014 New Year's Day Parade
INFO; to participate as a vendor or for more info call Lyn Bullock at 465-7872 or email her at