Come next Fall, there will be a new football team in town, the Eastern Shore Bucs. The newly formed team will begin play next school year in the Mid-Atlantic Christian Conference.

The team has been created as an option for high school aged students who have the desire to play football, but are homeschooled, or attend a public or private school that does not offer a football program.

“We’re a high school football program for students in the Delaware and Maryland area who are homeschooled or attend a private or charter school that does not have a football program of their own,” said Bucs Head Coach Dan Young. “We’ll have a 9 game schedule coming this Fall playing in the Mid-Atlantic Christian Conference.”

Within that 9 game schedule, the Bucs will play a combination of Mid-Atlantic Christian Conference teams as well as some schools from Maryland and Virginia.

After enough interest from local students and their parents, the FCA (Fellowship of Christian Athletes) decided to get involved.

“We did get some interest,” said Young. “The FCA got involved after they saw the need for and the desire that a couple of students expressed to play high school football.”

Young, a former player at the University of Richmond has coached in Delaware and Maryland at both the middle school and high school levels. And since the Bucs are not a sanctioned team, they have to abide only by conference rules.  Meaning, Young and his staff can get to work right away, whether it be game-planning or simply gathering the team together to try and get to know one another.

“We’re not a sanctioned team so we don’t have guidelines other than conference rules,” said Young. “So, we can do things throughout the summer and we have done quite a few fundraisers so that brings players together and is helping out in the camaraderie area. And during these events the kids have gotten to know each other and have had a blast.”

With football season only a few months away, Young and his staff don’t have an awful lot of time to prepare what will likely be a group of mainly inexperienced players.

“A lot of the kids do have some experience playing football,” said Young. “Though most of their experiences have ended at the Pop Warner level, we do have a few kids that played 3 years of high school already and have transferred to schools without football programs.”

Even with limited time and personnel, Young already has a clear idea of what kind of systems his squad will run in the Fall.

“On offense, we’ll run some sort of a Wing-T or a basic Wing-T and maybe some Pistol offense mixed in there,” said Young. “I’m a Wing-T guy, but it’s going to be pretty basic considering the limited number of players and inexperience. On defense we’ll probably run a 3-5.”