Everyone should feel comfy in their own skin, even if you're a fuzzy cyclops with red fur and horns.

Everyone should feel comfy in their own skin, even if you're a fuzzy cyclops with red fur and horns.

This message of diversity is a golden one that Yosef "Yosi" Levin the children's performer will illuminate in his concert "Yosi Meets Eugene" in Selbyville on The Freeman Stage at Bayside this Saturday. Yosi will be accompanied by fellow musician/puppeteer Johnny Beirne and their cuddly ─ yet misunderstood ─ cyclops pal, Eugene the monster, a creature that only children can fully understand.

"He's got a gravelly voice and he's very exuberant. But he's kindhearted," Yosi said of Eugene.

Eugene the friendly machine

The youngsters who'll catch Yosi's performance on Saturday will be able to relate to Eugene, a monster that's not always well received due to his unique appearance.

Eugene will be introduced halfway through the show via a cardboard box, which serves as his metaphorical sandbox, a place where the creature feels free to "go anywhere he wants because his box is his imagination," Yosi said.

The songs throughout the show will be humorous and they're designed to let kids know "being different is actually kind of cool because everyone's kind of different," Yosi said. "We can learn a lot from people who are different. It's a matter of getting to know somebody."

Some of the tunes performed with the loveable creature will include "Inside My Box" and "Meet Eugene," which is "about meeting someone who's very different from you," Yosi said. "And sometimes it may be very off-putting. But then it turns out to a fantastic experience."

'Hello' and 'Dinosaur Love'

Prior to introducing Eugene, Yosi and Beirne will perform other fun originals, kicking off the concert with an engaging, educational and unifying tune titled "Hello."

"We usually start off the show saying hello in different languages," said Yosi, from Spanish to French to Hebrew to Swahili. Yosi will also ask the audience if they know how to say hello in any other languages, which he'd incorporate into the show.

Yosi, a 46-year-old New Jersey native, says he switches gears with the show's closer, "Dinosaur Love," a rocking tune about dinos that the crowd will have a blast with.

"The kids will be able to scare us," he said of the shows closing crowd pleaser.


WHAT Yosi Meets Eugene in concert

WHEN 10 a.m., Saturday

WHERE The Freeman Stage at Bayside, 31750 Lake View Drive, Selbyville


INFO freemanstage.org or call (302) 436-3015