Dover city officials are warning of attempted scams against city electric customers.

City of Dover officials have received calls from some city electric customers saying they have been contacted in similar ways as the utility bill scam some Delmarva Power customers fell victim to last week in New Castle County.

Delaware State Police last week reported at least two instances of people saying they were electric company representatives calling local businesses and threatening to cut off power unless their bill was paid immediately. The businesses were instructed to obtain money cards that they thought would be paid to the electric company, but instead the funds were sent to the scammers.

"We will not contact you and ask to take your credit card over the phone, or advise you to purchase reusable Visa card or Greendot MoneyPak cards," said Kay Sass, city of Dover Public Affairs and Emergency Management Coordinator. "We have only received a couple of calls but we want people to be aware that calls have been received that sound very similar to the scam in New Castle County and that it may now be circulating in our area. People need to be cautious and realize the city of Dover will never request a credit card over the phone."

Capt. Tim Stump of the Dover Police Department said it is important that Dover residents are aware of the scam in the event they should receive such a call.

Customers with questions about their electric service or billing should call the city's customer service line between 8:30 a.m. and 5 p.m. at 736-7035, or go by the office at 5 E. Reed St., Sass said.