A local brick work company is wrapping up repairs to Georgetown’s iconic fountain, which was damaged earlier this year by a drunken driver.

A local brick work company is wrapping up repairs to Georgetown’s iconic fountain, which was damaged earlier this year by a drunken driver.

Town Manager Gene Dvornick said the total cost of repairs came to about $20,000, but it’s possible that number could increase.

“We’re not going to know if any repairs need to be done to the fountain’s interior until after the brick work is done,” Dvornick said, adding Davidson Masonry of Milton, the company repairing the fountain, should wrap up work by the end of the week.

In May, Bill Bradley, Georgetown’s director of Public Works, told the Town Council that all of the fountain’s bricks needed to be replaced.

“There’s no way to get all the bricks to match without replacing all of them,” Bradley said. “Apparently it’s the coloration … the age and deterioration of the bricks. You’ll always have a patch job, and you’ll definitely see it.”

Nestor Ramirez, 26, of Seaford, was arrested on May 14 in connection to the crash. According to the Georgetown Police Department, Ramirez was observed by police at about 2:45 a.m. on April 22 operating a vehicle at a high rate of speed on W. Market Street. Police said the vehicle entered The Circle, but failed to turn right and continued heading east. Police said the vehicle struck a curb and a fire hydrant, then stopped on The Circle after striking the fountain.

Police said they could smell alcohol on Ramirez’s breath. However because he sustained head injuries from the crash, and was transported to Beebe Medical Center, he was not immediately arrested. Once the results of a blood test conducted the day of the crash came back positive for alcohol, an arrest warrant was obtained for Ramirez and he was taken into custody at his Seaford residence. He was charged with driving under the influence of alcohol and numerous traffic offenses.

Ramirez’s case was heard Aug. 12 in the Sussex County Court of Common Pleas. According to court officials, Ramirez pleaded guilty to the charge of reckless driving that is alcohol or drug related in order to avoid a DUI conviction, which would have been his second, as police said he was convicted of DUI in 2009.

Ramirez was also charged with driving at an unreasonable speed and interfering with traffic devices, but those charges were dropped. Ramirez was sentenced to Level 1 probation for 11 months and he was ordered to complete an alcohol treatment program. The state has 30 days to determine if Ramirez must pay any restitution.

Dvornick said the town’s insurance company is covering repairs to the fountain but they will seek reimbursement from the driver or his insurance company.

Court officials said Ramirez was pulled over by police in Seaford on Aug. 24 for having a tail light out. In that incident, he was charged with failure to have a registration, failure to have proof of insurance and failure to change his address. Ramirez paid a $104 fine for the broken tail light and the other charges were dropped.