Start your engines.

Start your engines.

The Northeast Rally Club will hold its 13th Annual Pumpkin Run this weekend in Millsboro. Mayor Bob Bryan is the event coordinator and said he expects about 30 antique and classic cars to participate in the three-day event.

Since its inception, this time and speed rally has raised nearly $100,000 for the Millsboro Fire Department.

“When we decided to start holding rallies in Millsboro, we wanted to do it as a benefit, so we hooked up with the fire department,” Bryan said. “The Ladies Auxiliary prepares all of our meals and the men at the fire company help out in various capacities.”

In the rally, participants are scored on the accuracy with which they follow instructions, not merely on how fast they complete the course, according to the Northeast Rally Club’s website. A rally course is designed to enable the participants to always be driving assigned speeds, except for when decelerating and accelerating at stops and turns. Instructions provided before the rally will tell participants which roads to follow, where to turn, what speeds to maintain and when to change speed.

“We always stay at or below the posted speed limits and we stick to the back roads to avoid the highways,” Bryan said.

Participants will drive a 90-mile course on Friday, a 200-mile course on Saturday and a 100-mile course on Sunday. Drivers are monitored at various checkpoints throughout the course.

Millsboro resident and business owner Bob Harrington will drive a 1968 Ocean View police car in the Pumpkin Run. Harrington said he has participated in the event for six years by helping out at check points, loaning his classic cars to participants and driving for other people.

“[The Pumpkin Run] is my favorite event to help out with because it contributes so much to local charity,” he said.

Because he has designed the courses, Bryan is not participating in this year’s rally. He owns several classic cars and always participates in The Great Race, a nine-day summer rally that runs from Maine to Florida. He also participates in the Northeast Rally Club’s spring rally, held each year in either New Jersey or Pennsylvania.

The participating cars will be on display for the public to view from 6 to 8 p.m. on Friday in the parking lot of the Dairy Queen on Main Street.