The DIAA Field Hockey games, scheduled for Tuesday evening, have been rescheduled to Thursday evening.

The DIAA has decided to postponed Tuesday's Field Hockey tournament games: The weather on Tuesday is predicted to be very poor. Most concerning are temperatures that will be near freezing at game time with 17 mph winds. Thursday looks to be a much better night. Wednesday is not an option due to our soccer tournament. Therefore, after consulting with the schools involved and the field hockey committee, it has been decided to postpone the FH semis until Thursday night. We have the flexibility in our schedule and the participating schools were very willing, if not thankful, to make the change. Weather conditions are predicted to be 10 to 15 degrees warmer with zero precipitation and minimal winds. The Tatnall vs. Delmar game will begin at 6pm and the Cape vs. Polytech game will follow at approximately 8pm.