A bewildered doe crashed through the plate glass window at Frameworks Gallery on West Main Street on Friday morning.
Witnesses said the doe had in the town hall parking lot before taking off up the alley next to the Middletown Transcript. The panicked animal than ran across West Main Street and straight into the window at 27 W. Main St., sometime around 7:50 a.m.
"It must have been an art lover," Frameworks owner Dave Leathrum said. "Fortunately, the only damage was to the window, which is a shame because it was an old piece of glass."
The doe reportedly didn't get far into the store before turning around and running west down West Main Street.

Middletown Police said they have not located the animal, which might have been hoping to avoid today's start of shotgun season in Delaware.

Max Wallis of Max Wallis Building and Maintenance Company said he's hoping to have the window replaced by this afternoon.