Snowy owls from Arctic has made their appearance throughout Delaware.

Snowy owls from Arctic has made their appearance throughout Delaware.

Snowy owls in Delaware are not unheard of, according to DNREC Division of Fish & Wildlife biologist Anthony Gonzon: “In any given year, one or two owls may show up throughout the course of the entire winter.

The owls seen along Delaware Seashore State Park have remained in the same general area since being first observed Nov. 29, providing hundreds of visitors from Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey many opportunities to see and photograph them. Snowy owls have also been spotted along Route 9 near Port Penn, Bombay Hook National Wildlife Refuge near Smyrna, Port Mahon Road near Little Creek, and Cape Henlopen State Park.

If anyone would like to get out and try to spot a snowy owl during this rare occurrence for Delaware, DNREC’s Division of Fish & Wildlife offers some viewing tips:

- Sites along the Delaware Bayshore and ocean coast provide the best chances for encountering a snowy owl. Look for white spots on the dunes, in the marshes, or in large fields, often on elevated mounds or structures.

- Upon locating an owl, keep your distance. Remember that these are wild creatures from a region where people are few and far between.

-  Please do not disturb or flush a snowy owl. They are already stressed from their long journey, and need to be focused on energy conservation and foraging.

- Please practice good conservation and bird-watching ethics. Always keep the best interests of the owl and other observers first. Remember that you are not the only one who wants to experience these rare raptors. Your desire to get a closer look or better photo could easily ruin the same opportunity for others.

- Please do not feed or attempt to feed the snowy owls. Snowy owls are very well equipped to find food on their own.

- Please respect private property when bird-watching and also be respectful of other limited access areas. Enjoy the snowy owls from a safe, permissible location both for yourself and others.