The Rehoboth Beach Commissioners recently adopted an ordinance to amend Chapter 227 of the Solid Waste Municipal Code, relating to the discontinuation of commercial trash and refuse collection.

The city has been operating at a loss on commercial trash pickup. Delaware’s Universal Recycling Law requires all commercial businesses to participate in a recycling program. The city does not have sufficient staff and equipment to continue operating under this mandated regulation. Thus, the commissioners decision to discontinue commercial trash pickup effective Jan. 1, 2018.

Customers have the option of continuing and paying for city service July 1 through December 31. If customers plan to contract with a private disposal company prior to the next billing cycle of May 31, they will need to provide a copy of their new agreement so the city can discontinue their service and avoid charging them for the six-month period July-December. The city will be contacting its commercial customers to provide further information.

For information, email or call 227-2772.