Sussex Academy seniors Lindsey Perez-Perez and Micaela Reyes were selected as top 10 finalists for Delmarva Peninsula Region for the children’s story they wrote and illustrated for the Diverse Minds Writing Challenge.

The students will attend the awards presentation June 5, where the first-place winner will be announced. The winner will receive scholarship money and become a published author.

The Diverse Minds Writing Challenge, hosted by B’nai B’rith International, is an education and awareness effort to promote tolerance and communicate a message of equality among all citizens.

The book, “Finding Home” submitted by Perez-Perez and Reyes, is about a young boy trying to find a home after his home was destroyed. Throughout his journey, he encounters obstacles as many forest animals judge him by his appearance. At the end, he meets a butterfly that accepts him into her home.

“The purpose of the book is to convey a message about the negative effects of discrimination and how acceptance can be learned,” said Perez-Perez.