The city of Rehoboth Beach will conduct stormwater sampling near Lake Gerar and along the boardwalk now to September.

Residents will see nine water quality sampler units being installed next to manholes in these areas. The Delaware Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control mandated the city to submit a report on the water quality in five stormwater outfalls that empty into the ocean as part of the approval of the Rehoboth ocean outfall permits.

The outfalls are located at Grenoble Place, Maryland Avenue, Rehoboth Avenue, Laurel Street and Delaware Avenue. The purpose of this sampling is to investigate what is in the city's stormwater. This information will be used to check the water quality, and where needed, develop options to reduce stormwater volume and evaluate disposal options along with improving the water quality.

During a storm, the tubing will pull a sample of the stormwater at specific times. It is important that these units and their tubing are not unplugged, moved or disturbed to assure that accurate data is collected. Residents who see a sampler that looks like it has been tampered with are encouraged to contact the Rehoboth Beach Police Department at 227-2577 so that the sampler can be checked to assure that it is in proper working order. During, or just after a storm, residents will see GHD employees on-site collecting the samples. Their safety vests will be marked GHD.

For information, call 240-206-6838 or email