The Indian River School District is partnering with the Sussex County Emergency Operations Center to promote the Smart911 and PulsePoint initiatives.

Brochures promoting the programs will be sent home with all district students. Parents are encouraged to review these materials and to consider signing up for these services.

More than 70 percent of 911 calls nationwide and about 80 percent in Sussex County are made from mobile phones. In these instances, 911 operators have a phone number and a general sense of the caller’s location. Smart911 allows users to create a safety profile that provides information about their home, family members, pets, vehicles and medical history to 911 operators during emergency calls.

Smart911 users can go online to create a free personal safety profile that can be accessed by 911 operators during emergency calls. The Sussex County Emergency Operations is using this service for police, fire and medical emergencies. Residents can sign up at

PulsePoint alerts CPR-trained bystanders to cardiac emergencies in their immediate vicinity. By downloading the PulsePoint app, individuals will be alerted to the exact location of an SCA emergency and the nearest automated external defibrillator so that they may perform CPR.

Brochures being sent home with Indian River School District students will provide parents with information about signing up for these valuable services.