The Delaware Center for the Inland Bays is needing more than 100 volunteers to plant trees Dec. 14-16 at the Angola Neck Preserve, 31854 Shell Landing Way, Lewes, located between Lewes and Millsboro.

“These efforts will create important habitat for birds and native wildlife and will help prevent nutrient pollution to the bays for years to come,” said Center Project Manager Bob Collins.

These new forest areas will benefit migratory songbirds like the yellow-breasted chat, northern parula, American redstart and indigo bunting. As the forest ages, it will play host to a different set of migratory birds that prefer a more mature forest, including eastern kingbirds, Acadian flycatchers, wood thrushes and scarlet tanagers.

This project will also help to reduce nutrient pollution in Delaware’s three Inland Bays. High levels of nitrogen and phosphorus in water can cause excessive algae growth and poor water quality. The new trees and shrubs will utilize excess nutrients found in the soil, preventing an estimated of 192 pounds of nitrogen and 4.8 pounds of phosphorus from reaching the bays annually.

To volunteer as a planter, sign up at, email or call 226-8105, ext. 109.

Project partners include the Delaware Division of Parks and Recreation and the Delaware Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control’s Community Involvement Advisory Council.

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