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Why pay for a lobbyist when you can get the taxpayers to do it? Before being elected our current representative in the 37thy District, Ruth Briggs King, was a registered lobbyist for her current employer, the Sussex Association of Realtors, and she previously lobbied for the manufactured-home park owners (the landlords).

Now, she is collecting a taxpayer salary to vote on the issues she used to lobby for! Is there any reason to think she would put our interests ahead of her employer’s interest?

Also, if you look at her list of donors, it is a who’s who of developers, manufactured home park owners, and other people who push legislation that benefits their bottom line over the good of the community.

We can’t let people who have these kinds of conflicts of interest continue to represent us. Please vote for Frank Shade to represent us, not the special interest in Dover.

- Charles Meade, Georgetown