Sen. Colin Bonini (R-Camden-Wyoming) trounced Independent Michael Tedesco with 79.9 percent of the vote in the Senate District 16.

State Sen. Colin Bonini (R-Camden-Wyoming) easily won re-election in the Senate District 16 race by capturing 79.9 percent of the vote in his race against Independent Michael Tedesco, according to unofficial results posted by the Delaware Department of Elections for Kent County.

Bonini joked that the race "was a squeaker" at Delaware Republican Party headquarters at Dover Downs. But, in all seriousness, he did take Tedesco seriously.

"I was very blessed," Bonini said. "We had a very good turnout. I'm very thankful."

Bonini ran on his record as a fiscal conservative who historically had tried to rein in government spending.

"Obviously, Delaware is very Democratic. It's a very blue state," Bonini said, referring to losses by the Republicans at the statewide level. "But we have to focus on being the loyal opposition and putting out ideas in opposition to the Democrats' big government ideas. We're in trouble. There's no question about it. But lots of states have been flipped over the years. It just takes a lot of hard work."