The Sussex Central Golden Knights boys basketball squad is going through a bit of a rebirth this season, already posting an impressive 7-3 record.

But like any good team, there are important parts that just fit, like puzzle pieces. Two of the most important parts of the Golden Knights basketball squad this season are sophomore small-forward Amontay Clanton and senior center Rashad Kelly. Both have been major reasons for the turnaround the Golden Knights have seen on the floor this season.

Clanton, in his second-year with the Golden Knights has helped contribute on offense with consistent outputs all season long. Normally averaging around 9 points a game, Clanton exploded on Saturday with 21 points in a 2-point win over Dickinson.

Clanton believes the team's turnaround this season is due to all the hard work the team has put in this season.

"We're working hard, we got tired of losing last season," said Clanton. "To keep it going we just have to keep practicing hard every day and play team ball."

As the tallest of the Golden Knights, calling 6"3 Rashad Kelly big would be an understatement. Especially when you consider how big he's played under the net for Sussex Central this season.

Kelly's size and strength off the ball has helped a Golden Knights team that hasn't always had that kind of luxury over the past few seasons. Also, Kelly has contributed on the offensive end, as well. Like Clanton, Kelly has hovered around 8-9 PPG this season. And also like Clanton, Kelly exploded with 21 points in Saturday's victory over Dickinson.

In Kelly's mind, the goal for the Golden Knights is simple. And, the answer to how they plan to reach that goal is just as simple. Central just needs to continue on the path they've created for themselves, a path that started back during the summer time when the team put in work together in an effort to get better.

"We took time out during the summer to work out together, and we've stayed dedicated to working hard every day in practice," said Kelly. "If we want to keep this going we have to stay motivated, stay level-headed and do everything we can to get every W we can down the line."

While the team as a whole has been impressive this season, no team can be competitive or go where they want to go without guys like Clanton and Kelly. They're far more than depth players; they are important pieces to a puzzle. And if the Golden Knights can continue to make all the puzzle pieces fit where they should, the 2012-13 campaign could go down as one of the most successful Sussex Central seasons in recent memory.