Warning: Spoilers ahead.

Sunday night, if you're not gearing up for the big series finish to "Breaking Bad," you're prepping for the return of Showtime's popular show "Homeland."

Season 2 ended with a bang, literally, as the CIA headquarters suffered a major blow from a terrorist bombing.

Now, as season 3 begins, we'll be following the aftermath of the explosion alongside Carrie (Claire Danes) and Saul (Mandy Patinkin), who are trying to figure out what happened, and Brody (Damian Lewis) as he fights for his freedom.

Here's what you need to know before Sunday's premiere.

Vice President Walden was killed after Brody was blackmailed by terrorist Abu Nazir into causing his pacemaker to malfunction. 

Nazir (now dead) was holding Carrie hostage at the time. It was the VP's life or Carrie's on the line. Naturally, Brody chose saving the woman he loves.  

During Walden's memorial, the CIA headquarters was bombed, killing 219 people in the process.

Among those dead include Deputy Director of National Clandestine Services David Estes, and the Vice President's family. 

Brody and Carrie happened to step out of the room during the event. 

Everyone thinks Brody's responsible. 

His vehicle set off the explosion and a well-timed confession video leaked by Al Qaeda shows him taking credit for the bombing. 

Al Qaeda's framing him after his refusal to carry out a previous terrorist mission for them.

Saul's now Acting Director at Langley

As one of the only acting CIA agents alive, Saul's leading the manhunt against Brody. 

Brody is on the run in Canada. 

Believing Brody's innocence, Carrie helps him flee out of the country, but doesn't accompany him.  

Note that before all of this that Carrie had decided to jeopardize her career by deciding to make a life with "terrorist" Brody. Now, she's aiding one. 

Quinn is a wild card.

Before Estes' death, he ordered Quinn to kill Brody. Quinn ultimately decided not to carry out the mission because he didn't see him as a threat, nor did he want to hurt Carrie. He may be someone Carrie can trust in going forward with proving Brody's innocence. However, we don't know much about the guy and where his loyalties ultimately lie.

Now, Carrie's on a mission to clear Brody's name while Saul is determined to take him down.  

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