Sunday's "Breaking Bad" finale is expected to break viewing records, and advertisers wanted in on the eyeballs.

Ad Age reports AMC asked advertisers to spend between $300,000-$400,000 for 30 seconds of ad space during the final episode.

That's as much as NBC was asking for ad slots during "The Office" finale.

AMC confirmed on Friday night that the episode's ad slots were sold out, according to The New York Times. 

Forbes reports the actual cost of an ad on Sunday's season 5 finale went for $250,000.

If that's so, that would be more than three times the price ad-time was selling for during the rest of the season — $75,000.

How does that compare to previous finales? 

It's certainly not one of the highest ad rates when compared to network series finales, but for a cable channel the number is certainly high. 

Ad time during ABC's "Lost" finale went for more than $900,000. 

Of course, that also had 13.5 million viewers tune in to see what became of the Oceanic 815 survivors.  

According to Entertainment Weekly, a 30-second ad during "Everybody Loves Raymond" sold for about $1.3 million.

The ratings for the final eight episodes of "Breaking Bad" only continue to get better and better, but the highest turnout the AMC show has had was 6.6 million viewers.

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