Remember last week when Kanye West went absolutely ballistic on Jimmy Kimmel on Twitter?

In case you forgot, he told Kimmel "your face looks crazy," and said the late night host's parody sketch of the rapper was "out of line," among many other more vulgar things — ALL IN CAPS.

Well, Kanye wants you to forget about that now.

The rapper, who is currently at Paris Fashion Week with Kim Kardashian, has deleted his rant of angry tweets.

If you look at his Twitter feed now, it's as if nothing ever happened. Instead of comparing Kimmel to Sponge Bob, Kanye's nearly 10 million followers are treated to tweets of Kim Kardashian's pregnant belly.

His tweets jump from a post on September 13 to September 23, completely erasing his September 26 and 27 attack:

Lucky for you, we saved it, so you can re-live the epic Twitter rant below:

As for Kimmel, he's already moved on to tweeting about "Breaking Bad."

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