The Futrelle sisters won't have a white Christmas this winter. Then again, that's not a surprise when you're living in the itty-bitty town of Fayro, Texas.

The Futrelle sisters won't have a white Christmas this winter. Then again, that's not a surprise when you're living in the itty-bitty town of Fayro, Texas.

What's new in town is the fact that Honey Raye Futrelle has been bestowed the precious honor of directing the Tabernacle of the Lamb's annual Christmas program. But Honey Raye isn't in the holiday spirit. Her sister Frankie (the "fertile" one) is cranky and weeks overdue to deliver her second set of twins. Her other sister, Twink (the "fugitive"), is in jail for accidentally burning down half the town.

After half the cast bows out of the Christmas show from food poisoning, Honey Raye (the "flirt") finds herself desperately trying to keep the Christmas program from becoming a failure in the holiday farce "Christmas Belles," which debuts at Possum Hall on Friday, Dec. 6. The show, presented by the Possum Point Players, will run through Sunday, Dec. 15. "Christmas Belles" is appropriate for all ages.

Crazy Christmas show

When you have a bad reputation in a small community in the south, your only chance at redemption is through running a successful holiday program at the town church. At least that's how Honey Raye feels.

"[She's"] trying to make people in the town think better of her because she's been kind of the bad girl of the town," said Susan McCoy, of Fenwick Island, who portrays Honey Raye.

Honey Raye has been romantically involved with some questionable men over the years, McCoy said.

"She has ─ in her past, and I forgot how many ─ had eight or 10 marriages," McCoy said. "Three of them were to men with the name of animals. One was a carnival guy who had a previous wife in a witness protection program."

Some of the obstacles standing in Honey Raye's way of redemption involve more than trying to manage a Christmas program with a cast that's been dropping like flies. For instance, her redneck Santa Claus, played by Frankie's husband, Dub, is the show's celebrity guest. But there's no telling if he'll be tiptop come show time, since he's trying to pass a kidney stone.

What's more, Honey Raye is constantly looking over her shoulder for Miss Geneva, the ousted director who led the Tabernacle's 27 previous Christmas programs. Miss Geneva is a ruthless woman who'll stop at nothing to take back the show.

"It's not your typical Christmas show where you have Mary and Joseph," McCoy said of "Christmas Belles." You've got very light, good humor."

'Bring the Christmas spirit closer'

"Christmas Belles" director Charlie Meyer suspects a number of patrons on opening night will see the play for the first time. After all, Meyer had never heard of the show until Possum Point Players' artistic committee suggested months ago that he direct this play. Meyer has since fallen in love with the show. And he's sure audiences will cling to the play for the same reasons that hooked him in.

"It's a comedy farce," said Meyer. "It's clean. There's nothing inappropriate about it. It's just a fun, fun play."

And despite the dysfunction in the show, it does end on a happy, festive note.

"Hopefully, it will bring the Christmas spirit closer," Meyer said. "There are a lot of conflicts in this play, rather comedic as such, the conflicts are resolved in the spirit of Christmas, and that to me is what the show is really about."


WHAT 'Christmas Belles,' presented by Possum Point Players

WHEN 7:30 p.m., Friday, Dec. 6; 7:30 p.m., Saturday, Dec. 7; 2 p.m., Sunday, Dec. 8. Show runs through Sunday, Dec. 15

WHERE Possum Hall, 441 Old Laurel Road, Georgetown

COST $23 for adults; $22 for seniors and students

INFO Call 856-3460 or visit