The first week of summer is upon us, and the mergers & acquisitions market remains active.

The biggest deal news from the weekend is Alstom choosing General Electric's offer for the French company's Power and Grid businesses. 

GE's offer totaled $16.9 billion and overcame both a bid by Siemens and initial opposition to the deal from the French government. 

Oracle announced a deal to acquire MICROS Systems for $4.6 billion, or $68.00 per share. The deal had been telegraphed in press reports last week, and comes on the heels of the company's disappointing earnings report, which the company said was actually good news. 

In the utility sector, Wisconsin Energy announced a deal to acquire Integrys Energy for $9.1 billion and create a new combined company called WEC Energy Group. 

The combined company is expected to have more than 4.3 million total gas and electric customers in the Midwest, and the company's expect the deal to close next summer. 

And on Friday night, Google announced a deal to acquire Dropcam, an internet camera company, for $555 million. 

Last week, we noted that the first quarter of this year was the busiest first quarter for M&A activity since 2007.

Today's announcements, which includes three deals larger than $4 billion, makes clear that this trend is still intact.

So is this just a healthy increase in business confidence? Or is it a sign of a little too much exuberance?

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