Apple is storing Mac users' unsaved files on iCloud, according to Slate's Yael Grauer.

Security expert Jeffrey Paul also noticed the feature. 

Apple told Business Insider that this speaks to its efforts to be transparent with users. OS X Yosemite allows users to see what's on their iCloud in Finder.

Paul claims that iCloud Drive started automatically uploading unsaved files with the introduction of OS X Yosemite. Apple clarified to Business Insider, however, that the autosave feature began two operating systems ago with OS X Mountain Lion.

Apple also confirmed that the autosave feature not only works on Mac apps like Pages, TextEdit, and Preview, but also on some third-party apps like iA Writer.

Grauer points out, however, that users aren't aware of this feature, which might pose a problem. Apple says the details of how iCloud saves files are made clear in the product's Terms of Service agreement, though such agreements aren't always read carefully.

Luckily, there are two simple solutions for people worried about their unsaved files: They can either save their files locally before exiting an application, or they can manage exactly what syncs to their iCloud by going to System Preferences > iCloud > Documents & Data. 

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