The big question on the minds of iPhone lovers these days is: iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus?

So a Reddit user asked iPhone 6 Plus users if they have any regrets about buying the Plus over the 6.

The folks who answered basically said that the iPhone 6 Plus is too big for two use cases:

Strapping it to your arm when you go running.  ("Feels kind of goofy but I've gotten over that.") Holding it with one hand, such as using it as a phone. ("Rocking the 6 Plus and it's amazing for work and viewing content, but when I hold a 6, it really is perfect.")

But, even with those complaints, most of them say they wouldn't trade it in for a smaller iPhone 6 because:

You start to mostly hold it with two hands. The screen is awesome for watching Netflix The battery life is insanely great

Upshot is, unless you are primarily using your iPhone as a phone (without a headset), you'll soon be used to the big size of it and have no regrets.

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