Apple retail chief Angela Ahrendts has delivered a "confidential" video briefing to all Apple Store employees telling them how to handle the pre-order day for Apple Watch on April 10, a source tells Business Insider. The source did not want to be named because Apple frowns upon internal leaks.

The key fact for Apple Watch buyers is that online booking and sales for Apple Watch will begin at precisely 8.01 a.m., April 10, United Kingdom time. If you want an Apple Watch, that will probably be the best, quickest way to get one.

The video was called "Keep it confidential - a message from Angela," the source said. Ahrendts does a video every week for the "daily download," a regular message to store employees from the company telling them what to expect and how to prepare for Apple's various new products and initiatives.

In the video, "she kept saying that 'the best way to get in line is online,' implying that people should order them online even if they come into the store," our source says. (Apple did not immediately respond to a request for comment from Business Insider.)

By implication, walking into an Apple Store on April 10 will probably NOT be a good way to get a watch you will only be able to book to make an appointment, and you'll have to come back. April 10 is the day you will be able to book an appointment to try a watch; the actual product only becomes available on April 24.

It is an open secret among Apple Store employees that for all new Apple launches especially new iPhones the best way to get one is to avoid the store on the day of launch and simply buy one online. The stores tend to be a zoo on product launch days and Apple has trouble supplying enough products to meet demand.

The latest message from Ahrendts suggests that Apple will again attempt to persuade customers to stay online to get the product they want. Whether Apple's famously enthusiastic customers will actually listen to Ahrendts' advice is a whole other issue.

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