Live from the field at Firefly.

The Firefly Music Festival is like a box of chocolates, since you never know … what kind of zany signs and people are going to bring with them.

Silly and random signs and props have become a big part of Firefly culture since the festival's inception in 2012. Saturday was no different.

Revelers roamed the festival carrying homemade signs that featured celebrities such as Oprah Winfrey, characters from popular movies and much more.

Juliann Toohey brought to the festival original signs she created that depict a killer whale named Wildcard Willy and a multi-colored sea creature named Mr. Pretty Cutie Seahorse.

“My seahorse is really cute. I really like him,” said Toohey of New York. “At night, the seahorse gets really [rave-happy] and he has lights attached to him.”

She was spotted holding the tops of her signs during set by Australian singer-songwriter Betty Who.

Who seemed to struggle with getting the crowd to fall in love with her set, unlike her fellow Australians The Griswolds a few hours earlier.

Toohey originally attached long foam tubes (or noodles) to her signs to wave them around and catch the attention of her friends at concerts so they could spot her. But when she arrived at the festival, a staff member informed her she could not bring the tubes through the gates, without citing a reason why.

“[I think] people hit each other with the noodles or they hide stuff in them,” Toonhey said.

The Griswolds were certainly a highlight Saturday, rocking a crowd of thousands into a frenzy. During their sizzling performance, which featured lots of energy and appropriately chill music on a sunny day, Dani Baird of Virginia was gleefully pumping her fist while clutching her inflatable dinosaur named Carl, alongside her brother Bernie Baird.

Festivalgoer Chrissy Cawley of Pennsylvania said one of her favorite signs on Saturday was a double-sided one featuring child actor Macaulay Culkin, who's famous for starring in the 1990s film series “Home Alone.”

Meanwhile, her friend Hazel Burbridge of New York was tickled by a sign featuring Will Smith's face on a stick, which she called “pretty funny.”