Deny Howeth shares a unique perspective of Sussex County through her new “Explorations” photography exhibit at the Milton Historical Society.

Deny Howeth shares a unique perspective of Sussex County through her new “Explorations” photography exhibit at the Milton Historical Society. 

From wildlife to landscapes, “Explorations” features more than 20 photos on display, including a stunning image of the dilapidated ship on Broadkill Beach in Milton.

The show is currently on display and the opening reception is Friday. A portion of the proceeds from any of her photos purchased at the opening reception will benefit the Milton Historical Society. “Explorations” ends Dec. 4.

A resident of Lewes who grew up in Milton, Howeth’s passion for photography spans more than 25 years, and it began when she was a student at Cape Henlopen High School.

Your photo “Broadkill Shipwreck” looks pretty surreal. Is it your goal to make your images appear fantastical, without going overboard in Photoshop?

When I take a photograph and take it into Photoshop, I like to make it look like my point of view from when I was there.

How did you get into photography?

I started in high school. I got a camera for Christmas when I was 16. I was in an art class and there was a dark room available, and no one ever used it. I wasn’t very developed as far as drawing or painting. I couldn’t draw what I saw. So I decided to go into photography because that was pretty much instant gratification there. I photographed my friends, and things, and decided to continue doing photography after I graduated. I went to school in Philly for it and then I returned to the area and started taking photos for the local newspapers. That’s kind of how I decided I could be a photographer [laughs].

Over the years you’ve worked as an art director, graphic designer and digital artist. What is it about photography that really tugs your heartstrings?

It’s definitely my bliss. For 10 years I’ve done art direction and graphic design, and that was all fine. I was happy doing it. But the moment I picked up my camera again, I realized that this is what I do, and this is what makes me who I am.

What subject do you enjoy shooting most?

Just about anything. I like photographing people because you almost get an instant rapport and very intimate with the person. When you’re photographing someone, you usually do it one-on-one and can explore their personality somewhat. If you give it a little bit of time, you can learn many things about people. I like doing portraits for that reason, because you seem more emotionally attached to the person and you come away knowing who that person is. But sometimes I think I just like to be by myself and photograph a plant and not talk to anyone; There’s times for that as well, which I also enjoy doing. So it kind of depends on my mood.


WHAT ‘Explorations,’ presented by Deny Howeth

WHEN 5 to 7 p.m., Friday (opening reception); exhibit on display through Dec. 4; Exhibit hours are 11 to 4 p.m., Wednesday through Saturday

WHERE Milton Historical Society, 210 Union St., Milton


INFO Visit or call 684-1010