VIDEO - Sen. Chris Coons on GOP tax bill: “While the gospel is good news to the poor, this tax bill surely is not”

Sen. Coons: “When we listen to each other and compromise, we produce better legislation, better laws, better justice”

 “It seems to me that while the Bible, the New Testament, and the Torah teach these things about God's deep preference that we would be kind to one another, that we would care for one another, that we would support those in need around us, that doesn't inevitably lead to one party's position or another, it doesn't inventively lead to one clear economic theory or policy than another, but it does say that before we take dramatic action that will reset the ground for a generation that I believe will inevitably lead to a loss of security and stability and opportunity for those in need in our country, we should have reflected.

“In moving this bill forward, we have failed in our must fundamental call to hear each other, to work together, and to be mindful that we do not cause harm to those in our society who look to us to make the future brighter, to open the doors of opportunity wider, and to listen to some of the most ancient and profound voices in the traditions that laid the foundation of this free society: that we legislate worst when we legislate against the least of our brethren."