St. Thomas More Academy student Sarah Aleman graced the stage at Carnegie Hall.

Elite Millsboro singer Sarah Aleman graced the stage at Carnegie Hall.   

Millsboro resident Sarah Aleman can scratch singing at Carnegie Hall off her list. She graced the stage of the world-class New York venue in the 2016 High School Honors Performance Series concert on Feb. 7.

Aleman, a freshman at St. Thomas More Academy in Magnolia, was joined by music students from around the country and abroad. More than 18,000 performers were nominated for the series and nearly 750 vocalists made the cut.

They rehearsed and performed under master conductors. Singers performed before representatives from collegiate and professional music programs. Though vocalists spent most of their time on performance preparation, the week allowed them to explore the Big Apple and see the Broadway musical “Aladdin.”

Q What was it like to perform at Carnegie Hall?

A It was an honor and privilege to be chosen to sing in the honors choir. It is and will continue to be one of the best experiences of my life.

Q What were some of the tunes you sang in the show?

A We sang some a cappella, classical and contemporary pieces and a really fun spiritual.

Q How did the opportunity to perform at Carnegie Hall come about?

A My voice teacher, Jean Bradel, nominated me for it. I had to send in a voice recording of me singing an Italian aria – it’s a classical piece written for a soloist – and a folk song. We sent those in October. About two or three months later, we got the results in that I was accepted into the series.

Q How did you enjoy your time in the honors choir?

A I made so many friends from all around the country. We still have little group-chats together. It’s really great. It was like “Pitch Perfect” everyday there, because some of us were singing and then someone else would start singing along; and because everyone knew how to harmonize, someone else would start harmonizing. Then someone else would start harmonizing with them. You’d have a three-part harmony all of a sudden. You’re just walking down the street and could hear a full a cappella song [laughs].

Q What was your biggest takeaway from the program?

A Conductor Dr. Jeffrey Ames had a great way of teaching us how to count the music. It’s always been something I’ve struggled with. So with that, it helped me to see how I could apply this experience to the music I like at the school choir and how I can count better with my music.

Another thing is I was terrified the honors choir was going to be an awkward experience because none of us students knew each other. We had five days to get to know each other. I don’t think I warm up to people all that quickly, but it was so great, because we were all alike. So now I feel like I can open up to people more. 

Q Who’s your favorite singer?

A Sierra Boggess. She’s a Broadway singer and was in “Phantom of the Opera.” She’s a big name as far as Broadway stars go. She was the first Christine I saw in “Phantom of the Opera” and I thought she was so great and magical. I was like, “I want to do that when I get older.” 

Q What would you like to do for a career?

A I would love to go into musical theater. But I feel like that might change in the future. I don’t know what I might get into, because my sister didn’t realize what she wanted to do until this year, and she’s a junior. I feel like it might change, but right now I want to do musical theater.