The last day of the fair will coincide with a headline performance by the Grammy-winning Blues Traveler band, along with the second Craft Beer Festival.

The best day for bringing a cotton mouth and thirst for live music to the Delaware State Fair will certainly be Saturday.

The last day of the fair will coincide with a headline performance by the Grammy-winning Blues Traveler band, along with the second Craft Beer Festival.

One set of tickets for the festival includes five beer-tasting tickets and the concert, while another option is only good for the show. Opening the concert will be Rehoboth Beach’s own Lower Case Blues.

Natives of New Jersey, Blues Traveler is a blues-rock quartet responsible for the breakthrough and multi-platinum-selling album “Four,” released in 1994.

Two decades later, the gang ventured into new territory with their latest album, “Blow Up The Moon.”

The project is the band’s first collaborative album. It features a bevy of guests artists including 3OH!3, Hanson, Jewel, Plain White T’s, Rome Ramirez (Sublime with Rome) and many others.

Blues Traveler drummer Brendan Hill dished on the album, why they want to destroy the moon and a big milestone for next year.

If you could travel to any planet, where would you go?

It’d probably be one that’s not in our solar system. I think I’d go to one of those newly discovered planets that has a binary star system or something completely different. Obviously, it’d have to be habitable.

How’d the idea for the album begin?

It started off as this idea of it’s our 20th anniversary of “Four” coming out, so our management proposed this idea of having other people cover the songs from “Four.” So maybe get somebody really popular to do “Run-Around,” “The Mountains Win Again” or “Hook.” We started fleshing out the idea, sending around inquires to see who would be interested. Actually, a lot of people responded. But they were asking to spend a couple days together and maybe we could write some new material. We immediately switched focus like, why would we want to re-record our old songs? Let’s write some new songs.

Why call the album “Blow Up the Moon”?

When we were writing songs with 3OH!3 and we came up with the first song that we did with them, called “Hurricane,” we were all really super psyched about that and were getting ready to stop the writing session. Then John [Popper] and, I think, Sean [Foreman] sat together on a couch in the control booth. Sean was playing this little guitar/mandolin and they started just riffing. I think it first started off as just kind of like a funny riffing between them and who could think of the funniest lyrics. They were thinking about what if terrorists were on the moon and we had to blow up the moon to save the earth. Then it was like, why don’t we just blow up the moon? Why is it there anyway? It’s something funny, something Will Farrell might say.

Who did you want to work with on the album, yet didn’t get the chance?

We reached out to a lot of people. I think we sent out a request to U2. I’m not sure if we got word back from them [laughs].

Do you have plans for another collaborative record?

Next year is a big milestone for us, it’s our 30th anniversary. It’s kind of funny to say that when I’m only 46 and I’ve been doing something for 30 years. For us, we all started really young. I met John when I was 13 and he was 16. We’ve been doing this for the lion’s share of our lives. Next year’s our 30th anniversary, so I think we’re going to try to do something really special, whether it’s a tour or a collaboration of collaborative songs.

What does it mean to you to get to close out the State Fair?

It’s awesome. We’ve done this for a long time where we’ve gone to different state fairs and it’s been a real blast. We love playing for people who maybe haven’t heard us for a while or maybe are big fans. We love writing sets where we incorporate songs they know and don’t know and we try to put on the best show.


WHEN 6 p.m., Saturday

WHERE Delaware State Fair, 18500 S. Dupont Highway, Harrington

MORE INFO or 398-3269