The Delaware Division of Public Health updated its guidelines for sexual transmission of the Zika virus after Centers for Disease Control and Prevention announced the first reported case of female to male sexual transmission in New York.

DPH also announced two new cases in Delaware. A Sussex County woman and a New Castle County man tested positive for the Zika virus, bringing the total number of Delaware cases to 10. The positive results were due to a mosquito bite while traveling abroad, and none involve a pregnancy. Both individuals were tested within the last few weeks.

A total of 145 individuals have been tested in Delaware. There were 121 negative results, 10 positive results, 11 test results pending and two indeterminate results in pregnant females. Zika is spread through mosquito bite and can be sexually transmitted and passed from mother to fetus during pregnancy. The virus can cause birth defects.

The CDC has recorded 1,404 confirmed cases in the U.S. and District of Columbia as of July 20. While no Zika cases were from a mosquito bite in the continental U.S., Florida public health officials and the CDC are investigating two Zika cases that may have occurred due to a mosquito bite in that state.

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