Milford is reaching out to residents to garner support for its comprehensive plan. The plan, last reviewed in 2009, is a roadmap to help the city determine land use and economic development.

Rob Pierce with the planning and zoning department said they’re required by law to include the public in the process, but how this is done depends on the city.

Milford is using a survey on the city’s website,

Pierce said each city is required to have their comprehensive plan certified by the governor every 10 years.

“We’re coming up on that deadline and some things have changed, especially with [Bayhealth] in the southeast area,” he said. “A lot of things have moved around so this is a good chance to see where we stand.”

Downtown Milford hasn’t changed much over the years, Pierce said. The one constant is new businesses, a result of past plans to increase foot traffic. For example, the restaurant “A Taste of Italy” is moving into the old M&T building in the middle of downtown.

The city’s also had to deal with losses, like the Milford Skating Rink closing its doors for good.

Pierce said the survey results will be handed over to the planning commission to help create the plan.

“To formulate the document they have to see what some of the public’s views and opinions are,” he said.

The survey includes questions about living in Milford such as: Why did you decide to live here? Do you own a business? What do you like the most and least about Milford?

Other questions touch on safety, ranking concern about crime, traffic congestion, employment opportunities, education and taxes.

Pierce said he’s received an estimated 260 responses. In the coming weeks he’s hoping to establish community workshops but he’s satisfied with the decision to post the survey online.

Pierce is happy to answer questions at 302-424-3712, ext. 311.


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