It’s reading time at the Harrington Public Library.

Starting Nov. 15, first- to fifth-graders will gather at the library for a chance to pick up reading and writing pointers.

Reading Buddies helps kids improve their reading and literature skills.

“We figured it was worth trying and we are a library so we want to promote reading and we thought this would be good,” said Marleena Scott, library assistant director.

The idea is to pair volunteers with students who struggle in reading. The high school or middle school students pick out a book and read it out loud to the younger students.

If they want, they can switch places and have the elementary students read to them.

Scott said early reading is significant.

“Reading comprehension is really the building block of whether they are able to use a computer or how they perform in math word problems,” she said. “We would like to have more confident leaders that understand what they are reading.”

Scott said the Friends of the Harrington Public Library figured it’d be a good way to increase enthusiasm for books and reading.

“There are a lot kids that struggle and they don’t necessarily have someone to help them out,” she said.

The library has been holding PAWS for Reading sessions, where kids read to friendly therapy dogs, but that is ending.

“Maybe this will be something that can replace and reenergize students’ interest in reading,” she said.