Kylie Moorman was in the right place at the right time when her best friend, Sabrina Kadow, started choking on a Lifesaver at school.

“I was kind of freaking out inside, but the first thing I thought of was to give her the Heimlich,” she said. “So I went behind her took off her backpack and gave her the Heimlich.”

 “I was scared at first, but then I felt good knowing I had saved someone’s life,” she said.

The Benjamin Banneker Elementary School student was recognized by the Milford City Council Feb. 13.

Police Chief Kenneth Brown and School Resource Officer NOPE Theresa Bloodsworth Bloodworth introduced Moorman and Kadow to the council members.

Kadow said she was grateful her friend knew what to do.

“I was so happy when it was out of me and I was so happy that Kylie was there to save my life,” Kadow said.

Moorman’s dad, Travis Moorman, thought it was important to teach his children the Heimlich maneuver after he had to administer it to his wife while she was pregnant with their oldest daughter.

“The fact that it stuck with her makes me proud,” he said.