Assault on two officers at about 5:35 p.m. Monday, Feb. 13 at the Sussex Correctional Institution.

The Correctional Officers Association of Delaware is reporting an assault on two officers at about 5:35 p.m. Monday, Feb. 13 at the Sussex Correctional Institution, Georgetown, according to a COAD press release.

According to the COAD, the inmate taunted a correctional patrol dog during the inmates' dinner meal. The inmate was ordered to his cell but became verbally abusive while he was being escorted there by two officers.

When they got to the cell, the inmate was put inside and told to stop his tirade; as one of the officers was speaking to the man, he allegedly charged the officer and punched him on the side of the neck, causing a scrape and some bruising.

The inmate was subdued after a short struggle with the officers.

Department of Correction spokeswoman Jayme Gravelle declined to identify the prisoner, but said he had been at the Vaughn Center, awaiting trial, for about two months.

Of the correctional officer, she said, “There is no indication this person was seriously injured.”

The inmate continued to verbally abuse the staff and threatened some of the medical staff after he was subdued, according to the COAD press release.

Gravelle added that the prisoner has been charged with assault in a detention facility and harassing a law enforcement canine.

Of the incident, COAD President Geoff Klopp said, “Inmates continue to refuse to follow legitimate instructions from correctional officers. Threats, taunts and assaults are a daily way of life in our prisons.

“It is as if the events of the past two weeks never occurred,” he said. “The response thus far to these horrible events has been lacking.  What will it take? Press conferences and special commissions don't address the needs of the day. Our officers are not safe in the prisons of our state. Period.

“Something must be done, now!"

The COAD announcement came less than an hour before Gov. John Carney released information on his choice to lead an independent review of the prison uprising that took place on Feb. 1 and 2. Correctional officer Lt. Steven Floyd was killed in that event.

This latest incident was reported just six days following a Feb. 7 assault by a prisoner at the Vaughn Correctional Center which resulted in another officer being injured.