Students from three years old and up apply STEM principles to Earth Day activities

Students at St. Elizabeth’s School in Wilmington used Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) to celebrate Earth Day with a variety of project based learning activities.

“I call it Earth Day, the STEM Way,” said Tina Wecht, Principal of St. Elizabeth Early Childhood Program and Elementary School.

Even the pre-school children got involved. Pre-K3 students learned how to make mud and Pre-K4 students planted flowers.

First and second-graders worked on a water filtration project. They built filters to remove debris from water and conducted the filtration process. Oil, dirt, glitter and feathers were among the pollutants they screened out.

Noting how some plastic trash can become flying litter, third and fourth-graders studied the aerodynamic properties of discarded plastic bags by making them into parachutes.

They fabricated little people out of recycled paper and attached them to the plastic bag parachutes. Next they tethered the bags with long strings and calculated how far they would travel before releasing them in the wind. Measurements were then taken and the materials were recycled.

Using their contemporary knowledge of STEM, junior high students went medieval on Earth Day.

They built catapults and conducted experiments on hitting distant targets as warriors did it before the same skills were applied to space technology for peaceful purposes.