The Millsboro Town Council passed a budget for fiscal 2018 at its June meeting.

In the budget, the capitation tax is reduced to $0, which will benefit town residents. In an effort to further accelerate economic growth in Millsboro, the council also decided the per-acre annexation fees would no longer be applicable in cases involving property formally designated by the State of Delaware as wetlands.

“Ever since Millsboro significantly reduced impact fees earlier this year, the town has been receiving even more calls from commercial developers who are interested in moving into town,” said Sheldon P. Hudson, town manager. “As a result of the change in the annexation fee structure, businesses won’t have to pay certain annexation fees on land that is effectively undevelopable due to a specific type of environmental restriction.”

On the investment side, in order to further enhance public safety in the town, the council allocated funds to construct a new, larger police station on property located to the immediate northeast of the current facility on state Route 24. In addition, there are monies in the budget for downtown revitalization projects — including funds for sidewalks and, possibly, other improvements along Main and State streets.

Hudson emphasized that Millsboro is serious about economic development and expects the council to make additional investments in the downtown area and the town in general in the coming years.

Along those lines, Lewes Dairy will be relocating from Lewes to Millsboro in response to the fact that the town recently granted final approval for the company to build a new dairy distribution facility and ice cream parlor in Millsboro.

“Council is incredibly excited that Lewes Dairy, a Sussex County icon, is moving to Millsboro,” said Hudson. “Lewes Dairy will be bringing warehousing jobs, and this will only serve to strengthen the town’s reputation as an employment center on Delmarva.”

Millsboro is home to a Merck facility, an M&T call center, a BJ’s “club” store and other businesses of various sizes.