Sen. Tom Carper released a statement June 13 after the majority members of the Senate Rules Committee made a unilateral decision to restrict access for reporters on Capitol Hill.

U.S. Sen. Amy Klobuchar, ranking member of the committee, was not consulted on the change.

“I’m deeply troubled by the new restrictions placed on reporter access in our nation’s Capitol buildings — the very hallways of our democracy,” Carper said. “The American people depend on journalists to shine a light on what is happening in Congress and allowing reporters to question members of this chamber is critical to our tradition of a free and open press. Freedom of speech is enshrined in our country’s Constitution, and we should all take pause on any effort to restrain it.

“I understand that being asked a difficult question can be uncomfortable. I’ve been there many times. However, it’s part of the job that the people of Delaware hired me to do and I feel privileged to serve them every day.”