Delaware Secretary of Transportation Jennifer Cohan welcomed Tom Holmes and Pamela J. Scott as the newest members of the Delaware Department of Transportation's Council on Transportation.

The COT is a nine-member, bipartisan advisory panel appointed by the governor. It is made up of business and community leaders who have expressed interest in transportation subjects and have demonstrated expertise or experience that would help in evaluating relevant issues and programs.

The council serves in an advisory capacity to the department on issues relating to transportation and other matters which may aid the department in providing the best possible transportation services for the traveling public.

The duties of Council Members include setting transportation priorities, adopting DelDOT's Capital Transportation Program, and approving highway realignments.

"I am privileged and honored to serve on the council," said Tom Holmes, an owner of the Rehoboth Beach restaurant, 1776, who also resides in Rehoboth. "As a business owner, I hear feedback constantly about our transportation system, and I look forward to having a positive impact on the Council."

Pamela J. Scott of Newark, is an attorney who serves as assistant general counsel at Pepco Holdings Inc. and has experience in commercial transactions and complex land use matters, having also previously served as Policy Director for the Department of Transportation.

The COT meets in person quarterly, and the meetings are open to the public.

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