Gov. John Carney recently announced the Family Services Cabinet Council’s Summer Initiative, an interagency effort to improve the coordination of state services to better meet the needs of families in the city of Wilmington.

The FSCC Summer Initiative will bring together front-line staff from across Delaware’s state agencies to better coordinate state services for Wilmington families — including programs that offer job training, early childhood education, substance abuse treatment and quality, affordable housing.

Agency staff gathered for an orientation and training at the Department of Health and Social Services in Wilmington. Training will ensure that state employees understand and are aware of the wide range of state services available to their clients. Wilmington representatives also attended the training to improve coordination of city and state services.

Carney re-established the Family Services Cabinet Council as one of his first official acts as governor, signaling the importance of coordinating public and private services for youth and families in Wilmington and across Delaware.

The Council includes eight members of Carney’s cabinet: the secretary of the Department of Services for Children, Youth and Their Families; the secretary of the Department of Health and Social Services; the secretary of the Department of Education; the secretary of the Department of Labor; the secretary of the Department of Safety and Homeland Security; the director of the Delaware State Housing Authority; the director of the Office of Management and Budget; and the commissioner of the Department of Correction.

Carney tasked the council with implementing innovative tools and strategies for addressing a series of specific issues, including: breaking the school-to-prison pipeline; improving access to early childhood education; increasing the availability of affordable housing; improving access to substance abuse treatment; reducing recidivism in Delaware’s correctional system; expanding job training opportunities; and reducing violence in Delaware’s neighborhoods.