Rehoboth Massage and Alignment has opened a new location at 19633 Blue Bird Lane, Unit 7, Rehoboth Beach.

Advanced massage therapy, posture alignment, the Feldenkrais awareness through movement method, dance classes, yoga and meditation classes are available at Rehoboth Massage and Alignment.

Alina and George Tudor are board-certified licensed massage therapists available for massage therapy, posture alignment sessions and Feldenkrais classes. Barbara Rynkovski, the dance instructor, has represented Delaware in ballroom dance competitions for the past nine years.

Rynkovski is available for private and group dance classes, wedding dances and kid’s dance classes. Mother-son and father-daughter swing classes are also available for a fun way to spend some quality time with a loved one.

Renee Kinney, the Kripalu Yoga teacher, teaches Hatha Yoga Asanas, poses, meditation and pranayama breathing exercises, and will be available for private or group sessions and classes. Kinney also leads Divine Sleep Yoga Nidra, a practice of deep relaxation that brings the brain to theta wave state for a healing and therapeutic experience through a mind body guided meditation calming the autonomic nervous system.

For information, visit or call 727-8428.