Delmarva Power and its sister utilities, Atlantic City Electric and Pepco, launched The Source, an online news hub for customers and the public to learn how our companies are powering economies, connecting communities and securing a safe and brighter future for customers.

The Source features videos, articles, blog posts and infographics about key activities driving customers and communities forward. Stories will highlight Delmarva Power’s efforts to make service more reliable and affordable, connect with local communities and power a 21st century economy.

With 4,600 employees serving nearly two million people across the Mid-Atlantic Region, Delmarva Power and its sister utilities are a part of local communities and economies. Delmarva Power delivers safe, reliable energy, while supporting local programs that drive workforce development, education and more. The company is also investing in cutting-edge technologies to help make energy cleaner, more efficient and more reliable.

“The Source is about sharing the best of our companies and communities, and providing a resource to our customers,” said Clarissa Beyah-Taylor, vice president, Pepco Holdings communications. “We are continually working to do more for those we serve, and this is a small part of that effort.”

As part of the Exelon family of companies, Delmarva Power, Atlantic City Electric and Pepco are part of the leading mid-Atlantic electric and gas utility company. Their combined strengths are helping to deliver world-class performance for customers.

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