The systems are designed to be set up quickly to keep water out of buildings and other structures.

The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has awarded ILC Dover patents for its Flex-Gate, Flex-Wall, and Flex-Cover dry flood-proofing systems.

These three systems form the heart of the company's infrastructure-protection product line.

Each is designed to be stored where they’ll be used and can be deployed by one or two people. This allows users to protect their critical assets, to safely make last-minute deployment decisions when it appears the systems will be needed.

In-place storage and fast stowing also mean a quick return to normal operations after a flood or storm, minimizing disruption to business operations, and maximizing revenue before and after the event.

The newly patented ILC systems are in place at multiple locations in New York City with facilities and agencies within Boston, Washington DC, and Miami also adopting them for protecting commercial and government buildings, subway systems, underground rail and highway tunnels, power utility entrances and other critical or high-value structures.

ILC Dover is based in Frederica, Del.