The city of Rehoboth Beach staff recently recognized the career accomplishments of Assistant Building Inspector Steve Kordek, who is retiring after 15 years.

At a retirement luncheon held in his honor, Kordek received praise and gifts from his colleagues. City Manager Sharon Lynn acknowledged Kordek for his leadership contributions since joining the city in 2002. Lynn also cited Kordek’s consummate professionalism and sense of humor to the task and enforced the codes fairly and impartially. Kordek was presented with a plaque of recognition for his dedication and service.

Kordek spent his tenure in the Building and Licensing Department sharing his knowledge through plan review and building inspections. Kordek’s goal was to make sure buildings constructed in the city under his watch would be safe for everyone for decades to come. Kordek is succeeded by Matthew Janis, who joined the city in November.