Beebe Healthcare held a Dec. 15 reception to unveil the portraits of Beebe Healthcare’s past board chairs in the lobby of the Margaret H. Rollins School of Nursing.

The board of directors has 12 past board chairs over its 101-year history. Having all the past board chairs displayed and honored was a goal of Beebe Healthcare’s recent board Chair William Swain Lee.

Current board Chair David Herbert kicked off the event, alongside Beebe Healthcare President and CEO Jeffrey M. Fried, by saying, “Thank you, Judge Lee, for your vision as we are honored and happy to celebrate the past and look forward to a bright future at Beebe Healthcare.”

Included in the portrait unveil of the 12 past Board Chairs are: James Beebe Sr., served 1927-62; Otis H. Smith, served 1962-73; James Beebe Jr., served 1974-76; Eugene D. Bookhammer, served 1976-81; Halsey G. Knapp, served 1981-83; Robert W. Tunnell Sr., served 1983-88; Harry E. Derrickson, served 1988-90; Walter J. Lehman Jr., served 1990-93; Bhashar S. Palekar, served 1993-98; Joseph R. Hudson, served 1998-2005; Janet B. McCarty, 2005-10; and William Swain Lee, served 2010-17.