The Delaware Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control and the Delaware Department of Agriculture recently issued interim regulations regarding possession of firearms within Delaware’s state parks, state wildlife areas and state forests.

The interim regulations — issued by orders of the DNREC secretary and the DDA secretary — respect the state constitutional provisions on firearms cited by the Delaware Supreme Court in its Dec. 7 ruling by implementing the state’s interest in ensuring public safety in a less restrictive manner. By law, these interim regulations are effective for 120 days, and that period can be extended by an additional 60 days, to a total of 180 days.

The Administrative Procedures Act requires DNREC and DDA to “receive, consider and respond to petitions by any interested person for the reconsideration or revision” of the interim regulations. The agencies intend to propose permanent regulations for formal adoption under the transparent process of the APA, with opportunities for public comment.